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"Seven-Day Diagnosis" is a rapid private cancer diagnostic service based in the Memorial Hospital Cancer Centre in the beautiful coastal city of Antalya.

If you are a patient who has been recently seen by a GP with symptoms of suspected cancer and you are waiting for a hospital appointment then you are suitable for our Seven-Day Pathway to complete all your tests and biopsies if required quickly at a fraction of the cost in the UK.

This pathway is also suitable for patients recently diagnosed with cancer awaiting more tests and investigations.

Please complete the online inquiry form below to tell us about your medical problem and individual circumstances and we will immediately send you specific information about how the pathway works, what tests you might need, and what the cost will be.

Alternatively use the chatbot feature and our specialist medical team can answer your queries instantly.

We may ask you to book a short 15-minute Private GP Consultation before proceeding to check your medical history and symptoms carefully. You can book a Private GP appointment by clicking on the link below.

Please watch this short video which explains how the 7-Day Pathway to diagnosis works

We also offer repair and restore packages for patients at the exclusive 7-Star Regnum Carya Hotel Resort. This is suitable for patients who have completed treatment for cancer or are recovering from medical treatment or surgery where the support of a medical team and holistic care will enhance their recovery to full health. We offer a choice of exclusive luxury hotels and support packages.