Our Difference Quality Lower Price

Our Difference Quality Lower Price

These are a few examples of the price difference between the UK and Turkey. These costs add up quickly for patients with suspected cancer symptoms and the differences are even greater when procedures are involved.

Symptoms Tests Average UK Self pay cost* (£) OncoTrust price (£)
Suspected Cancer Consultation 180-250 112.5
Blood tests with tumour markers 600-1000 375
Mammogram 240-275 150
CT Scan 1 body part 595-750 225
Breast MRI 895-1195 300
Liver MRI 1195-1300 300
Prostate MRI 795-1000 300
PET-CT Scan 1600-2500 800

*These can vary widely according to region of the UK and Hospital Location and are estimates

Examples of procedures where the costs are significantly less include:

  • Upper and lower GI endoscopy
  • Biopsy procedures for example prostate biopsy
  • Procedures to remove lymph nodes or polyps from the bowel
  • Lung biopsy procedures