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7 Day Diagnosis Pathway

Rapid clinical assessment, imaging and biopsy with multidisciplinary reporting and treatment planning

Repair and Restore Pathway

Repair and Restore Pathway

For patients who have finished chemotherapy preparing for surgery, or for those who have completed treatment, our repair and heal packages offer medically supervised comprehensive cancer rehabilitation services in a place of beauty, famous for massage and other spa treatments. The traditional Turkish way.

Memorial Hospital

This is a JCI accredited Cancer Centre with all the facilities you would expect accordingly. Led by Professor Mustafa Ozdogan a leading Oncology expert.

Assess, Reset and Plan

The beautiful location of Antyla in Turkey allows a calm and beautiful place to have your tests, take some time and space to recover and reset and make a plan.

“Antalya is simply stunning, after the last two years of the pandemic, to finally see the sea again and walk on the beach put me in a better place, ready to face the world again.”

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