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Rapid Diagnosis

There is currently a significant number of UK patients waiting for urgent medical investigations to exclude cancer. Over 6 million patients are currently on a waiting list for treatment. Urgent cancer referral targets are being routinely missed.

Patients without medical insurance face a difficult and anxious wait and are at risk of a delayed diagnosis of cancer influencing their chances of early diagnosis and cure. Paying to have tests privately in the UK can be very expensive and costs can add up very quickly as more tests are recommended.

We can help with 7-Day Diagnosis Pathway

OncoTrust was founded with the aim of providing UK patients without private medical insurance the choice to undertake affordable and rapid diagnostic tests with reliable and multidisciplinary reporting and treatment planning.

Once the tests are completed, patients be referred via to the NHS 2-week urgent suspected cancer referral pathway with all the relevant investigations already complete. This will allow them to initiate cancer treatment faster with a better chance of a successful long-term outcome.

Please see this infographic which explains how the pathway below works:

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