Listen to Us from Our Patients Testimonials

Listen to Us from Our Patients

How were they diagnosed? How did they cope with this difficult process in a foreign country? Let's listen to our patients about the moments when they were surprised, disappointed, and relieved.

Michael David Blackburn's Stomach-Gastric Cancer Story

" family in England they are very grateful for the Healthcare in Turkey. Because they know, i was in the right place at the right time... I can see is if you have the money, which is important, what price is your life? How much value do you put on your life? If you don't get this treatment quickly, we all know cancer, it has to be diagnosed quickly, treated quickly..."

Nicholas John Osborne's Esophageal Cancer Story

Professional cyclist Nicholas John Osborne talks about how he beat esophageal cancer.

Hugh Wright's Bladder Cancer Story

"... in the UK I could wait two to three weeks to get the results, and then maybe another two weeks to see a consultant doctor, and then two months to get the treatment..."

Jeremy James Strong's Prostate Cancer Story

He tells a very different story... More time, more communication, more careful and speed.

Linet Joy Ansel's Skin Cancer Melanoma Story

Short story of Mrs. Linet Joy Ansel, who was diagnosed within 1 week, then treated, and is now cancer-free.